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Redefining the role in society of Business and Management academics: opportunities and challenges

Chair: Andrea Melis (JMG Editor-in-Chief)

Invited speaker: 2 international scholars (TBD)

Academia is no longer seen as an ‘ivory tower’, isolated from the rest of the society. Academics, indeed, are facing a growing demand to demonstrate that their activities have consequences, i.e., a real impact on the society. This goes beyond mere academic impact as it includes a wider societal impact. Those stakeholders who either provide financial support to academic research or are expected to evaluate it are increasingly seeking evidence that that academic research has practical, or real-world, implications.
This demand is even more compelling for those academics who conduct their research in the business and management fields (e.g., accounting, finance, management, organization studies), as their field is expected to be close to the corporate world. This begs the question: which social, economic and environmental value do business and managements academics bring to our society?
Not only is their business and management-related research expected to have a real-world impact, but also their expertise should contribute to the social, economic and wellness development of the society and the construction of a better world. This may occur either indirectly, with their executive education to C-suite business professionals, or even directly, with the involvement of business and management academics in the corporate boards (e.g., board of directors) of private, public and State-owned companies, as well as in the governing bodies of academic spin-off enterprises.
These and other related themes will be developed in the JMG Symposium by the Speakers and in the papers to be presented in the JMG Track 8 of AIDEA 2023 conference. Papers in Track 8 are welcome, from all areas of business administration (accounting and control, general and strategic management, organizational theory and behaviour, finance and banking) and with great openness to any paradigms and methodologies, on the following topics but not limited to:
– Impact of academic business and management research on:
o corporate purpose in contemporary world
o corporate governance regulation and practices
o corporate performance measures
– Decision making process between human and artificial in corporate boards
– Corporate governance issues in academic spin-off companies
– Role of academics in corporate boards
– Role of academics in executive trainings in the C-suite
The Journal of Management and Governance will welcome submissions on these topics and a number of papers presented in Track 8 will be selected for a Fast-Track process of publication*.

* The JMG Fast-Track (JMG-FT) review process of publication gives the opportunity of a paper review process quicker than that of an ordinary submission. The selected paper is immediately inserted in the review process without undergoing the first desk-rejection assessment phase. This process is applicable to a maximum of 3 papers presented at the track in which the JMG-FT is accorded. The formula does not guarantee the publication of the submitted paper, which must positively pass the peer-review process.