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Scientific Coordination: Enrico Bonetti, Andrea Moretti, Stefania Romenti

Research context
The creation of value in markets and for companies has been characterised in recent times by the disruptive force of two drivers: disruptive technologies (e.g. Blockchain, Industry 4.0, AI) and poly-crisis situations (no longer just ‘dynamic uncertainty’, but erratic reconfiguration of contexts). In this perspective, the role of marketing as a discipline/function/perspective/orientation is undergoing a stress test of responsibility. In the past, its value was predominantly that of a mere tool for understanding and managing the interface between demand systems (consumers and markets) and supply systems (companies, organisations, businesses in general), for the latter’s tactical and strategic finalism; today, marketing is increasingly a philosophy of facilitating and coordinating the role of business in society, with the support of co-design, co-realisation, co-regulation and sharing between the various actors potentially contributing to the production and dissemination of value, in a perspective of development of a ‘better society’, as underlined by the SIM Marketing Manifesto.
It is necessary, in this context and at this point in time, to identify, highlight and describe the different paths of transformation that marketing is undergoing, in the light of the pushes for change resulting from the two forces mentioned above. The advent of new technologies and the increasing diffusion of crisis situations are transforming both the function and role of marketing within the company’s management and strategic processes as well as the spheres of action and objectives of marketing and, finally, the tools and techniques used in the operational action of marketing. This track therefore proposes itself as a moment of inter-action between academic researchers, corporate and professional decision-makers as well as with practitioners of corporate disciplines in the broadest sense, in order to activate a contextual confrontation aimed at the generation of theoretical, strategic and operational interpretation mechanisms connected with the issues
markets and companies.

Type of paper expected
Submissions are invited with different methodological approaches: theoretical (aiming to offer new perspectives and models) and empirical, with case studies or surveys. Papers that make a practical contribution geared towards managers, entrepreneurs and policy makers are appreciated.

Suggested topic areas
The track aims – but is not limited – to include analysis and research exploring the following topics:
• interpretative models of the relationships between markets, technologies and consumers in poly-crisis contexts
• New markets ‘governed’ by technology: the role of marketing
• marketing for a better world in contexts of crisis and disruptive technologies
• value creation: from consumer analysis to supply deployment: the possibilities of disruptive technology
• marketing strategies for value creation during crises
• digital technologies for value creation in the customer experience
• integration of new technologies in the supply chain for value creation
• analysis of the social, ethical and sustainable implications of using digital technologies in marketing
• marketing and new technologies as a lever for inclusion
• value creation through diversification and expansion into new markets and sectors
• Evolution of indicators for measuring the value created by marketing in the business context

Possibility of publication
The best contributions submitted to the conference may be fast tracked to the following journals, respecting the normal refereeing process:
• Italian Journal of Marketing
• Micro & Macro Marketing