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Scientific Coordination: Francesca Bartolacci, Francesca Cabiddu, Francesca Cesaroni, Manuel Castriotta, Michela Loi, Rita Klapper, Tonino Pencarelli, Lara Tarquinio, Monica Veneziani

Research context
There is still little attention devoted to the subject of university and professional teaching in the economic- business field. Our teaching is destined to evolve continuously, in terms of content and didactic methodology, driven by the dynamic that concerns the needs of managers and entrepreneurs and that involves the economic, political and social context in which companies operate, (think for example of the current instability of international balances, climate change, pandemic management, and changes in work contexts). In this context, training and education are key to equipping the company to meet future challenges. It becomes important, therefore, to define the processes of designing and organising training initiatives in the economic-business sphere in a more inclusive way with respect to the needs of students, companies, institutions and the territory, paying attention not only to the contents and coherence between them, but also to the didactic/pedagogical approaches as well as the continuous monitoring of the entire training system.

Type of paper expected
With the aim of stimulating a debate on the role of management and business education within this scenario of uncertainty and change, this track proposes several areas of investigation to be explored with conceptual and empirical studies.

Suggested topic areas
In order to fuel the debate on this important topic among business economics scholars, the track aims t o collect contributions focusing on the following topics:
• alignment between learning objectives, activities and assessment;
• identity and transversality of the business disciplines within the educational pathways;
• impact of business and management education in society;
• teaching and learning methodologies;
• models for designing appropriate study paths;
• new technologies in training processes;
• reconfigurations of organisational places and spaces for managerial and entrepreneurial training.
• role of universities and management and business education to meet the challenges posed by constant change and uncertainty;
• key challenges in management and business education with regard to sustainability issues;
• budget funding system and training paths;
• transformations to be proposed in management and entrepreneurial education to embrace change;
• evaluation of teaching to ensure the best performance

Possibility of publication
An innovative and critical debate can be published in the journal: Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy.
The best contributions will be submitted in fast track to the following journal, respecting the usual refereeing process: Entreprendre et Innover.