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Scientific Coordination: Lorenzo Caprio, Maurizio Dallocchio, Antonio Salvi

Research context
The track aims to explore the relationship between external growth paths, financing design and value creation in the corporate world. Mergers and acquisitions, spinoffs, venture capital and private equity investments, leveraged buyouts, initial public offerings, corporate and financial restructurings et similia have always been the cornerstones of corporate finance.
Research in this field offers managerial insights into the drivers and outcomes of corporate, institutional and societal growth, as well as into the financing logics, processes and performance of individual actors. Furthermore, a sound understanding of extraordinary finance transactions is crucial for the development of regulations, strategies and policies for both companies and financial markets.

Type of paper expected
The objective of the track is to collect and explore high-quality, cutting-edge research that critically assesses different aspects of extraordinary finance and external channels of corporate growth, delving into the specifics of support financing. Both theoretical work (e.g. theory-based reviews, framework-based reviews, methodology-based reviews, bibliometric analyses, meta-analyses) and empirical work (e.g. time-lag studies, longitudinal studies, cross- national comparative studies, surveys, case studies) will be considered. In addition, contributions that adopt a multidisciplinary approach, a multilevel and multi-methodological research are more than welcome.

Suggested topic areas
The track aims – but is not limited – to include papers oriented towards one of the following topics:
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Leveraged buyouts
• Financial restructuring
• Spin-offs
• Splits
• Private equity
• Venture capital
• Crowdfunding
• Real estate finance
• Project finance
• Koint ventures
• IPOs
• Innovative finance
• Corporate restructuring

Possibility of publication
A Special Issue in the “Journal of Financial Management, Markets and Institutions” is planned (Guest Editors: Vincenzo Capizzi e Antonio Salvi).
With reference to venture capital and similar themes, a fast track is planned for the “Venture capital” journal.