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Scientific Coordination: Denita Cepiku, Enrico Deidda Gagliardo, Raffaele D’Alessio, Daniela Mancini, Roberto Parente, Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Maria Rosaria Napolitano, Angelo Riviezzo

Research context

The creation of Public Value poses new challenges and multiplies opportunities, both for public administrations and for public and private spin-offs, which are increasingly engaged in the search for new models through experiences on the frontier of innovation.

With reference to PA, the creation of Public Value is understood as the capacity to positively impact on the overall economic, social, environmental and health well-being of users and stakeholders. Starting from the scientific framework of reference (Moore 1995) and in the light of the recent Italian regulatory-institutional context (DFP Guidelines, PNA ANAC, CNEL reports, PIAO Decrees), an increasing number of economic-business studies focus on models and/or experiences of planning, creation, co-creation, protection, enablement, public value governance, collaborative governance, measurement, accountability, and dissemination of Public Value by administrations of different sectors and clusters.

With reference to spin-offs , innovation represents a critical variable to cope with the complexity of the current post-pandemic context characterised by social uncertainty, ecological pressures, economic crisis, political vulnerability. In such a scenario, new entrepreneurship processes mobilise and recombine intelligence, knowledge, and know-how to such an extent that they are considered capable of renewing the business system in both traditional and high-tech domains. In particular, business development in its various forms (innovative start-ups, corporate spin-offs, academic spin-offs, research spin-offs) constitutes in its own right a promising challenge and an interesting opportunity not only to revitalise the economy, but also to nurture new mechanisms for the creation of public value. This is, in fact, the new performance frontier, aimed at improving the level of well- being of stakeholders and society as a whole, and in which spin-offs can play a catalytic role in enhancing the value of intangible capital for the ecosystems in which they operate.

Type of paper expected

With reference to PAs: Methodological research paper: proposal or analysis of models of creation, protection and governance of Public Value. Operational research paper: analysis of experiences of creation, protection and governance of Public Value

With reference to spin-offs : The track referees invite theoretical and empirical contributions to explore the diverse entrepreneurial segment of spin-offs, their underlying processes and implications in terms of generation of public value. The adoption of a multidisciplinary perspective, different theoretical perspectives and plurality of methodological approaches (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods) is encouraged.
Nevertheless, an international perspective is welcomed.

Suggested topic areas

With reference to PAs, the track aims at – but is not limited to – including papers oriented to deepen one of the following themes:
• Public Value Programming: the PIAO
• Creating Public Value: The Lever of Performance Management
• co-creation of Public Value: stakeholder engagement
• Protection of Public Value: the lever of (corruption) risk management
• enabling Public Value: organisational health, occupational health, gender health, digital health, economic health
• Public Value Governance
• Collaborative governance of Public Value: public and private supply chains and networks
• measuring Public Value: from impacts to impacts
• public value accountability: from social budgets to integrated reporting
• dissemination of Public Value: public marketing and territorial valorisation

With reference to spin-offs, the track aims at – but is not limited to – including papers oriented towards one of the following topics:
• direct and indirect impacts of spin-offs on the territory
• spin-offs and new corporate governance models
• innovative start-ups and the digital economy
• sustainable spin-off models
• support initiatives for new entrepreneurship
• Technology Transfer and Public Value
• influence of the entrepreneurial team on the Public Value generated
• financing (soft and alternative finance) and performance of new business initiatives
• innovation ecosystems and public value creation processes

Possibility of publication

With reference to PAs, a Special Issue of Public Company on Public Value is planned (Editor Denita Cepiku)
With reference to spin-offs , a Special Issue is planned in Total Quality Management Journal (Guest Editors: Maria V. Ciasullo, Raffaele D’Alessio)