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Contacts: Antonio Parbonetti, Massimiliano Bonacchi

In a context of increasing competition, in which young scholars are required to actively confront themselves with original and innovative topics, from the early stages of their academic careers, in an international setting, the Doctoral Colloquium, organised within the XL AIDEA Conference, provides an important opportunity for doctoral students and young scholars to present their work in progress to a highly qualified panel of scholars and senior lecturers with international publication experience, who can offer useful advice and constructive insights into the topics addressed, methodologies and approaches adopted.
All topics, strands and research methodologies consistent with the XL AIDEA National Conference are considered appropriate for the Doctoral Colloquium. The methodology adopted is the discussion of the various research projects according to a peer review perspective. All those who are not structured (Ph.D, post doc, lecturers, research fellows and scholarship holders in general) are invited to participate.

To apply for the Doctoral Colloquium, PhD students are called to submit an extended abstract in line with the following guidelines:

Applications must be submitted by 10/09/2023 using the following link:

The Doctoral Colloquium is reserved for a maximum of 30 participants.