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AIDEA 2023


Creating value through business studies!

The role of academia in the challenges of society, the economy and institutions

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The scientific community increasingly perceives the need for an interdependent, transversal and circular dialogue and vision between the economic-business knowledge that, despite their specificities, receive inspiration from the unitary and still topical matrix from which Italian scholars derive their common origin.

For these reasons, AIDEA, even more so than previous conferences dating back to the period prior to the Covid-19 pandemic (the previous edition, the last one in attendance, was held in Turin in 2019), believes that it may be extremely important to increase the dialectic and sharing of development paths of the knowledge present in the different souls of business studies in relation to its main stakeholders.

AIDEA, with its conference, wants to project itself into the future with recommendations that it hopes will be useful for all those who, in various capacities, study and interface with business disciplines. In this way, it wants to help sustain the perception of our disciplines and the knowledge that scholars are able to generate, encouraging evolution and innovation in research while critically questioning our role as academics in civil society.